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Community Rules (READ FIRST)

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Let me be the first to say Welcome to OrionGamers!

Before you get started Please Give these Quick Community Rules a Overview 🙂


Community Rules Section 1

1.) Under ZERO circumstances are you allowed to Use Any sort of hacks, glitches, bug abuses etc.

1a.) the account that is caught will be IP banned from All of our game Server Platforms for 60Days ( can be perm if multiple offense)

1b.) if your account is banned you can appeal the ban, but please note you need to have all proof ready to be submitted upon request.


Community Chat Rules Section 2

2.) Keep Chat In the correct Channels On All Platforms and Remember Try your best to keep them clean * we do allow cussing because ya know sometimes you need it lol* but just be mindful we have members of all ages playing

2a.) Ingame Chat (text) in our Teamspeak, Discord Must be In English Form ( Voice Comms doesnt matter providing its in the correct channel )

2b.) No Raging In Text Communications on any platforms (ingame or discord or teamspeak) we are all humans treat each other with respect 

2c.) ZERO Trolling, or Verbal Threats irl ( besides ingame thats different )

2d.) Adhear to all Game Server Rules as they may differ from Community Rules and Game Servers 

2e.) no Spamming, No Cap locking ( typing all in caps for no dang reason.... )

2f.) No Advertising other Voice Forums of communitcations unless its OrionGamers. 


Community Advertising Rules Section 3 

3.) Zero Tolerance Policy On Advertising Any Other Communitys that are not Either Merged With OrionGamers Or Apart of Orion Gamers.

3a.) No Advertising Other Community's Discord, Website, Teamspeak, or any platforms that they may use.

3b.) If you advertise another Community, your account is subject to a 7day ban 

3c.) Do not advertise personal servers unless Admin has Gave Approval (this is to cut down on False Servers that are trying to steal members)



More rules being added  Please Keep up and view these rules often to ensure you stay up-to-date with them 🙂



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