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7D2D RavenHearst

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We are hosted a 7D2D server With the RavenHearst Mod Pack!

General Information

  • 20Slot Server
  • Bloodmoon: 7 days
  • Drop: Toolbelt Only
  • XP Range: 500M
  • LandClaims: 2 Per player
  • Loot Respawn: 4 Days
  • Loot Abudance: 150%
  • Airdrops: every 24Hrs
  • Zombies: Run at night
  • Diffuculty: 4
  • Map Size: 8196


  • No abusing glitches or Bugs
  • No Using Cheating Systems (software) will be IP banned when you are caught
  • No Offensive Buildings 
  • Have Fun! 



  • !gimme (small XP buff for 15Min) ( 4Hr Cool Down)
  • !donor ( 20% XP buff for 1 Hour) ( Donors Only 4Hr Cooldown)
  • !hunt (spawns a few animals around to kill)
  • !zombie (spawns some Zombies to maul your face off 😉 )
  • More commands coming soon

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