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Community Giveaway!!!!

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This will be a community give away that nobody wants to miss!!!!!!


Is your graphics card getting a little slow? 

Maybe your ram is a bit low?

Maybe you dont have enough storage cause you download everything??


Well with this giveaway  we are giving the chance to win:

Brand New 1660TI

Brand New 1Tb HDD or 500Gb SSD :

Brand New 16Gbs DDR3 Or DDR4 Ram!!:


No this isnt a gimmick, no you dont have to buy tickets,  all you have to do is Play on our servers register on website and comment on this thread!

Once all of our servers has hit at least 10 Steady players ( the goal to help bring all of our servers active! ) the giveaway will end and a winner or winners(2) will be chosen!

This will help drive the community to being more active on websites forums, ingame, and help spread the word about our community!


The Giveaway Starts now and will end soon as each server hits minimum 10 players each ( stable )    I understand that this is a bit of a stretch in doing so,  But i believe it will help bring in new players, and keep the current members coming back for more, and giving us ideas we can put into our servers and making them better for all players around!  


SO what you waiting on??  lets get them going!! ❤️ 

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Guest Flying wolf

I want the 1660 ti DX, this officially is my entry

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Guest TristanDolfin

Enrty just like Bob!

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