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  1. Ere

    Game Lotto

    Closed as of 4/29. Messaged winners on Discord.
  2. Ere

    Game Lotto

    Squeaks can I get a squeak? William and Devin were entered into the random name generator and Squeaks came out! I'll message you on discord. Last drawing will be on the 29th. 😃
  3. Ere

    Game Lotto

    For Anyone else who is interested, please post. There are still 2 more available winners for Space Engineers and/or Ark Survival.
  4. Ere

    Game Lotto

    DakuTatsu, You shall receive Ark Survival. Please add me on Steam in order to receive your gift.
  5. Ere

    Game Lotto

    Hello Everyone, I would like to give all of our members an opportunity for 3 games Orion Gamers is giving away by random draw for all who are interested. The games available will be the ones we host on our servers - Ark, Space Engineers, and 7 Days To Die for those who do not have them yet. Please post below which games you'd be interested in to enter lotto.
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