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  1. BitCloud

    Community Giveaway!!!!

    The Giveaway Is Still Active and Holding True!!! We gotten close to the 10Players on all servers but did not meet it 😞
  2. BitCloud

    Server Information

    To Be Filled in at a later time
  3. BitCloud

    Server Rules

    These Server Rules Are To Be Followed at ALL times, Failure to do so, may result in your account being banned on the game server or possibly all game servers.
  4. BitCloud

    what type of games do you play?

    OOOO you play elite Dangerous too?? Single or MP?
  5. BitCloud

    Orion Gamers V2.0

    With the new Years Fast approaching! it also marks our 2 years in the gaming community! within the last 2 years since we have launched we have had many ups and downs, Which is what i dubbed as "Orion Gamers v1.0" with that being said "Orion Gamers v2.0" is a completely Revamp'd Version Of Our Gaming Community! What this is, is basiclly everything redone from the ground up Starting from our Roots all the way to our members! Here is a small break down feature of what is coming! Keep in mind alot of changes are being done behind the scene. With "Orion Gamers V1.0" everything has been the same way since The launch of the community in 2018. And For Back Then Gaming Communities it was the "standard" for Communities But lets face it. Shouldnt we set the standard for Gaming Communites? Why not? we do for game servers so why not do it community wide. Current "Orion Gamers v1.0" Discord Server ( cluttered ) Teamspeak 3/5 Server ( cluttered ) Website/Forums ( not very Gaming feel to it ) Logos Crappy Patreon Tiers Staff Team With The New years Coming Me and the staff and Determined a new refresh Look is much needed to celebrate our 2 years in the gaming community! To do so what other better way then to rehaul everything and Get things going in the right track! Proposed "Orion Gamers V2.0" New and Improved Discord layout With Alot of Features and Functions! Cleaned and Laid Out TS 3/5 Server with Functions ( faction Chats and Leaders with Rooms and More with faction leaders accepting and kciking out players with rooms, icons and more! ) Website/forums ( completely redone from ground up, Landing Page, Forums, Functions and features! ) Redone Logos And Refreshed to give Orion Gamers a Updated Look and feel! Patreon Tiers Revamped and Added Rewards for each Tiers! More Staff Members ( not only being active but interactive as well!) Better Game Details And Forum Support! New Server Hardware ( improves Game Performance and Response Time for better Gaming Experience ) Tons more! These Changes are taking Effect Come 1/1/2020 And should take us a hand ful of months to complete! our goal is to 100% complete one thing before starting the next to ensure bugless features and functions with our community and to ensure Our Community is staying functional throughout the changes! 🙂
  6. BitCloud

    what type of games do you play?

    Youre not my friend no more! "fortnite" ewww XD
  7. What type of games does everyone look forward to when you have free time to game 😄
  8. BitCloud

    Community Giveaway!!!!

    This will be a community give away that nobody wants to miss!!!!!! Is your graphics card getting a little slow? Maybe your ram is a bit low? Maybe you dont have enough storage cause you download everything?? Well with this giveaway we are giving the chance to win: Brand New 1660TI : Brand New 1Tb HDD or 500Gb SSD : Brand New 16Gbs DDR3 Or DDR4 Ram!!: No this isnt a gimmick, no you dont have to buy tickets, all you have to do is Play on our servers register on website and comment on this thread! Once all of our servers has hit at least 10 Steady players ( the goal to help bring all of our servers active! ) the giveaway will end and a winner or winners(2) will be chosen! This will help drive the community to being more active on websites forums, ingame, and help spread the word about our community! The Giveaway Starts now and will end soon as each server hits minimum 10 players each ( stable ) I understand that this is a bit of a stretch in doing so, But i believe it will help bring in new players, and keep the current members coming back for more, and giving us ideas we can put into our servers and making them better for all players around! SO what you waiting on?? lets get them going!! ❤️
  9. BitCloud

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  10. Let me be the first to say Welcome to OrionGamers! Before you get started Please Give these Quick Community Rules a Overview 🙂 Community Rules Section 1 1.) Under ZERO circumstances are you allowed to Use Any sort of hacks, glitches, bug abuses etc. 1a.) the account that is caught will be IP banned from All of our game Server Platforms for 60Days ( can be perm if multiple offense) 1b.) if your account is banned you can appeal the ban, but please note you need to have all proof ready to be submitted upon request. Community Chat Rules Section 2 2.) Keep Chat In the correct Channels On All Platforms and Remember Try your best to keep them clean * we do allow cussing because ya know sometimes you need it lol* but just be mindful we have members of all ages playing 2a.) Ingame Chat (text) in our Teamspeak, Discord Must be In English Form ( Voice Comms doesnt matter providing its in the correct channel ) 2b.) No Raging In Text Communications on any platforms (ingame or discord or teamspeak) we are all humans treat each other with respect 2c.) ZERO Trolling, or Verbal Threats irl ( besides ingame thats different ) 2d.) Adhear to all Game Server Rules as they may differ from Community Rules and Game Servers 2e.) no Spamming, No Cap locking ( typing all in caps for no dang reason.... ) 2f.) No Advertising other Voice Forums of communitcations unless its OrionGamers. Community Advertising Rules Section 3 3.) Zero Tolerance Policy On Advertising Any Other Communitys that are not Either Merged With OrionGamers Or Apart of Orion Gamers. 3a.) No Advertising Other Community's Discord, Website, Teamspeak, or any platforms that they may use. 3b.) If you advertise another Community, your account is subject to a 7day ban 3c.) Do not advertise personal servers unless Admin has Gave Approval (this is to cut down on False Servers that are trying to steal members) More rules being added Please Keep up and view these rules often to ensure you stay up-to-date with them 🙂
  11. BitCloud

    Space Engineers FAQ

    This Forum Will Contain some Simple FAQ regarding Our Server 🙂 This will be completed at a later time at the moment
  12. BitCloud

    SE Server Rules

    Welcome To Orion Gamers! Bringing Gaming To a New Level! Please Keep In Mind This Server is for Anyone and everyone so keep chat clean as possible 🙂 Website: https://Oriongamers.net Discord: https://discord.gg/46bgtA7 Teamspeak: ts.oriongamers.net 2 New commands /MOTD /RULES /DISCORD • !fixship • Stops the grid, cuts and pastes is back. Every player can use this command. But only on grids he has the majority of ownership on. • The command wont work of there are active connections to connectors or landing gears, or if there are Players in a cockpit, cryopod or any other block players can sit on. Like for example the toilet. * when using this Command, it is HIGHLY recommended you create a BP of the Grid, and Ensure Area is fairly open * id say 40m larger than said grid * NEW RULES THAT ARE BEING ENFORCED AFTER 4/14/2019 1.) PVE Zone is Being Shrunk Down to 1 Zone 1a.) PVE Zone Is Earth ( PVE IS ENABLED TO EDGE OF ATMOSPHERE ) 1b.) Any PVP Happening Within This Zone Is a Ban Offense ( Can Be Appealed, See website to appeal) 1c.) If you are caught Constantly attempting to Raid/Attack/PVP/Grief Within this zone, your account and grids will be deleted (this is strictly enforced) 2.) Block Limits 2a.) Block Limits are Heavily Enforced To Obtain and Stabilize a High Performance Smooth Running Server If you bypass These LIMITS ( NOTE THESE ARE NOT SUGGESTION, THESE ARE LIMITS) Than Your Entire Grid that Is Connected or has the Overblocks May be deleted ( Admin May Or May Not give a chance to get these Off dont assume every admin is nice etc) Refinery Limit(any Refinery): 6 Per Player Assembler Limit(ANY REFINERY) : 6 Per Player Build and Repair(bobs): 1 Per Player Drills(AnyTier) : 6 Per Player Pistons ( Any Type) : 0 Per Player ( rotors apply to this as well ) 24k Block Limit Per Player 12k Per Grid ( Large, Small, Static) 6 Grinders or welders Per Player This includes Per Grid At Any Point, No Temporary Setup Is Accepted 3.) PVP RULES ( You PVP at your own risk leaving the zone) 3a.) ALL PVP is Active Once you leave outside the 150k Zone From 0,0,0 If your grid gets blown up nothing a admin can do 3b.) Protect Your Base At All Cost! Once you leave Earth Any Grid Or Station, Ship etc. Can be Attacked From AI OR Players. And If captured, Blown up, damaged etc, its on the player ( No Admin Will be able to recover it, Its PVP for a reason) 3c.) Any Planet Or Moon That Is Not Earth is FAW (Fire At Will) (This includes Space Outside of the 150k Zone of Earth, Other planets and Space are PVP) 3d.) If your Base Gets Wiped, A Admin Will not be able to help you get it back or recover it by any means, * its PVP, Never have all your Eggs in One Basket(dont store everything in one spot unless youre willing to lose it all* 3e.) More will be Added Soon 4.) General Rules 4a.) No Spamming Chat 4b.) No Abusing Bugs Or Glitches ( when caught your account will be banned( CAN NOT BE APPEALED) 4c.) Keep Chat Clean as Possible ( we have members of all ages so be respectful, you can cuss etc, Just keep in mind all ages) 4d.) ABSOLUTE! ZERO Racism Comments, Images, Etc. ( WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND ACCOUNT WILL BE INSTANTLY BANNED) 4e.) All Rules are the Members Responsibility To keep up with them. We will not have time to Explain each rule out etc, and Be a Staff member to ensure servers run smooth 4f.) All Grids Will be Deleted If they do not meet the cleanup requirements or if they Grid/Owner has not been logged on over 10 Days. ( unless you have warned a Admin about being out of State longer. ) 5.) ADMINS And Player Abuse 5a.) Admins Are Not Your Lifeline. They are there to enforce rules not help solve your Grid flipping over 5b.) Do not contact a admin to come cut and paste your Grid back in because you flipped it and its damaged ( the answer will be no) slap some pistons on it, flip it over, and repair it. 5c.) Admins are Here to Help Administrate the Server and Enforce Rules ( yes they are allowed to play the game without Being A Admin on the server they need fun time too) 5d.) Admins Have a Option To let you know and Warn you Or Not For any actions or Any abuse on bugs, Grid Limits ETC.. 6.) SERVER JUMP GATE! 6a.) Vannilla Jump drive on a grids 6b.) ZERO CAMPING AROUND THE ZONE! 6c.) ZERO Mine laying or trapping near the zone. ( 10km is exempted until further notice ) 6d.) Any Grid That can have a Vanilla Jump Drive Can jump through the gate 7) Super Clustering Grids 7.) No Super Clustering of Grids Or Stations 7a) Keep Inactive Grids 12k + away 7b.) Inactive grids are deemed as grids that are not being used within the last 30 mins 7c) This rule Applies if you have 3 Or More Grids near each other ( within 12Km of each other ) 7d) Inactive grids are deemed if they are left there untouched over 30Mins 😎 Reporting Player For Breaking Rules 8a.) if you catch a Player Breaking Rules, please Obtain Proof before coming to a Staff Member. ( If you have no proof, Do Not Ask For A Player to be banned or kicked etc) 8b.) If you see a player break a rule and think its fine for you to break it because he hasnt been caught , both accounts will be banned when caught ( its not a matter of IF, its of when) 8c.) Please Report All Players Either Via Our Report Function on Our Website ( 100% Anonymous and only staff members can see it) Please Again Obtain Proof before submitting as this 1. makes it easier to find the person doing it. 2. we can submit the proof to the player who is breaking it. and most of all 3. Ensure that action is taken Fast to keep the game fair as possible and fun for all!
  13. BitCloud


    Teamspeak IP: Ts.oriongamers.net Discord: discord.gg/46bgtA7
  14. BitCloud


    Welcome Everyone! Welcome To OrionGamers! A Community Found by Players, Built For Players! We are a Fast Growing Community! We built this community to be like no other! How? Simply by listening to our players and putting their idea into action! We strive to put our players first, but most of all we enjoy to have fun! There is tons more to find out and enjoy the servers we host! So what you waiting for? Register with us today and jump into the action!
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